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All of our Seniors have been selected.  However, it is likely that more Seniors will be added so check back here often.  Additionally, there are still items that are needed to fulfill some of the gifts.  Please contact Peggy Click at if you’d like to help with these additional items.

9098Eva T

Postage Stamps, Cotton XXL Shirt in dark color, Full size blanket in Brown or Beige

513Freda "Sue" K

Pajamas sz. XL Petite (pink blue), Gown sz. XL Petite (cream), Robe sz. XL Petite (white) She said she has wanted a white robe for many years! Slipper house shoes sz. 6-7 (cream, pink or blue)

7391Garry W

Postage Stamps, Cool Water by Davidoff After Shave, Chocolate Candy

Cope_Nev_Jose (Tues)MaleY
459Hanwen Z

Pajamas sz. Large (has some blue color in them), bath and hand towels, Nike shoes sz. 10.5 wide

11068Ida W

Robe sz. XL (red), Full shoe house shoes sz. 10, Earrings (red)

11196Isabel R

Gown sz. XL (any color), Pants with pockets (black or gray), bath towels (blue or gray)

10947James R

Postage Stamps, Magnifying Glass, Chocolate Candy

11208Lana F

Magnifying Glass, Lotion, King blanket (sage green or gray)

11129Landis J

Full shoe house shoes sz. 10, Bath towels (white), Queen Blanket (red WOULD LOVE A KC CHIEF’S BLANKET)

Princeton AshMale
5306Lawrence S

Sports Illustrated Magazine or book, Reeses or Butterfinger candy

5772Lorraine F

Magnifying Glass, Bath towels (blue)

Wylie EastFemale
1224Lucy K

Gown sz. 2XL, Full size cotton blanket (white or blue), Chocolate candy

Mck2 Plano EastFemale
5388Martha H

Blouse sz. Medium (purple), pants sz. 6 (black), lotion (any brand)

Blue RidgeFemale
4748Mildred C

postage Stamps, White Bath Towels, light color (not white) Queen Blanket

Princeton BirchFemale
11095Richard G

Size9 House Shoes(full), Medium green Blouse, 29X31 Khaki Pants

8324Robert M

Full shoe house shoes sz. 10.5, trousers sz. 31×29 (tan, black or blue), Needs 2 pairs

11087Roberto G

Nautica Voyage Cologne, Nivea Shave Gel, Olay Lotion, Bath, hand towels and washcloths (white/blue), Kitchen towels, First Aide Kit, Toiletries, Razors

4341Susan B

Stamps, blouse sz. XL (blue)

Blue RidgeFemale
10524Susan G

Magnifying Glass, Hershey Kisses, Kellogg’s Raisin Brand (family size box), Raisins

Mck2 Plano WestFemale
4741Syan W

Stamps, king blanket (yellow), gold necklace, Quilted Northern Toilet Paper

6590Teresa W

Gown sz. Large, Slipper house shoes sz. 8,Diabetic socks (black), Queen blanket (pink), Sugar free candy

10460Vickie W

Gown sz. Large (blue), slipper house shoes sz. Small 5-6 or kids sz. 3, full blanket (blue)

McK2 Tues FrozenFemale